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Monday, 21 March 2011

Vanadium Redox Battery Upgrade
March 18, 2011

Though considered a promising large-scale energy storage device, the vanadium redox battery's use has been limited by its inability to work well in a wide range of temperatures and its high cost. But new research indicates that modifying the battery's electrolyte solution improves its performance. So much so that the upgraded battery could improve the electric grid's reliability and help connect more wind turbines and solar panels to the grid.
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Tag Graffiti Alphabet! said...

Vanadium redox batteries will be juiced up by wind and solar generators. These batteries have a storage capacity of the size of the container the vanadium pentoxide liquid solution is stored to be charged, and discharged. This is the coolest set up I have ever seen. You could live any remote jungle or mountain peak as long as you had the vanadium redox battery, and a solar panel or wind turbine.

Tag Graffiti Alphabet! said...

I built 2 lithium sites two years ago that still are dominant on the internet for most things surrounding lithium. The past 6 months have been quite interesting. The 2 sites that were getting 30k + visitors a month combined are now getting under 12k combined. About 4 months ago i started a website called and it’s exploded.....

Why? It’s all vanadium redox batteries. These things are the future of renewable green energy. There is an abundance of vanadium recently discovered and the technology is in place.

Vanadium battery/fuel cell technology and vanadium steel are 2 things that need more attention. The impact the energy side of this sector can bring to an energy strained continent will be profitable and a win win situation.

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