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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tanzania and Uganda to Develop Port-Lake Rail Line
April 6, 2011

Tanzania and Uganda have announced plans to form a joint venture to develop the $1.9bn railway line in East Africa, as part of a bigger project to increase trade in the hinterland.

The 800km line will connect a deep water port at Mwambani Bay in Tanga, and Musoma on Lake Victoria, with onward connection to Kampala and Juba.

The project is expected to reduce the goods transportation cost in the region.

The entire project is estimated to cost $2.7bn, with scheduled spendings of $1.9bn for the railway, $695.5m for the Mwambani port and $72.6m for the development of the Musoma dock.

The railway line project is part of the East African Railway Master Plan, which proposes to rejuvenate the existing railways serving Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, initially extending them to Rwanda and Burundi and eventually to Sudan, Ethiopia and beyond.


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