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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

GE Aviation Study Shows Millions in Savings for Airlines, Reduced Flight Time for Travelers

GE News Center
May 10, 2011

Airlines could save at least $65.6 million annually while slashing carbon emissions and cutting flight times by implementing new flight paths at 46 mid-size airports across the U.S., according to study results released today by GE Aviation. The findings of the study, Highways in the Sky, come at a critical time in the debate on the future of our aging national air traffic control infrastructure, where additional investment is increasingly measured against proven benefits to the economy, environment and the everyday traveler. Steve Fulton, technical fellow with GE Aviation highlighted the results today at the NextGen Ahead Air Transportation Modernization conference in Washington, DC.

GE’s Highways in the Sky study illustrates the potential for significant economic and environmental benefit of near-term deployment of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) landing approaches. Although the study focused on 46 mid-sized U.S. airports, the data and analysis supports accelerated deployment of RNP at any airport. GE’s study of the 46 airports concludes that deployment of RNP instrument arrivals would annually save...

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