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Thursday, 23 June 2011

'Engineering Cloud' Promises To Modernize Manufacturing
June 22, 2011
Fujitsu has launched in Japan an "Engineering Cloud," a new type of specialized cloud which it says will serve as a platform for next-generation manufacturing systems.

In an announcement Tuesday in Tokyo, Fujitsu said its data centers will host their own computer-aided design (CAD) and analytic software as well as database services, starting in October. Additional manufacturing services will be steadily added to the initial CAD and analytic software as a service, Fujitsu spokesmen said.

CAD and its associated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have typically been on-premises, not remote, systems because of the highly detailed and voluminous designs they must work with. The Engineering Cloud will use a Fujitsu technology, Remote Virtual Environment Computing (RVEC), for high-speed display of virtual desktops developed by Fujitsu Laboratories. RVEC can compress images at high speed and decompress them in the user display, allowing a cloud-based CAD/CAM solution, the spokesmen said.
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