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Saturday, 25 June 2011

IAT21 unveils the D-Dalus unmanned air vehicles

June 25, 2011

IAT21 (the Austrian Innovative Aeronautical Technology research company) has been developing concepts for an innovative method of airborne auto-motion.  It has unveiled an aircraft that flies without wings or rotors, at the Paris Air Show.

The D-Dalus new unmanned air vehicles (UAV) prototype has been developed and successfully tested.  This technology is based on propulsion system containing a number of patented inventions, it flies by means of rotating discs surrounded by blades whose angle of attack can be altered in flight. The discs are rotated at the same RPM of a conventional aero-engine.  However, the control system allows the blades to produce precision flight.  D-Dalus can "provide intimate visual coverage of events, even pre-warning or tracking of such phenomena as tsunamis, oil slicks, small boats, radioactive leakages, arms traffic, the deployment of mines and IEDs etc. Where it is too dangerous for human presence, how ideal it would be if we could deploy a robotic platform that could fly through smoke and radiation, enter buildings, recover casualties or hazardous materials, hold and direct fire hoses or deliver lifesaving equipment."

The UAV has flight characteristics that differs from others. The resulting main thrust can be in any required direction in 360° around any axis. This allows vertical launch, hovering in a fixed aerial location, travel in any direction, rotate in any direction, and upwards thrust.  For this purpose IAT21 has developed, tested and internationally patented a special propulsion system which includes a frictionless bearing at the points of high G force, and a system that keeps propulsion in dynamic equilibrium for better flight stability.

IAT21 have formed a partnership with Cranfield University in the UK to take the aircraft towards flight certification.  With the plan to up-scaled engine, the external hull shape and the integration of next generation guidance and control systems, they will explore sales as drones for maritime and land based operations.

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