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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Argonne research Lab's New Energy Storage Initiative to expedite innovation

Argonne National Laboratory
June 29, 2011.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at Argonne National Laboratory is working in overdrive to develop advanced energy storage technologies to aid the growth of a nascent U.S. battery manufacturing industry, help transition the U.S. automotive fleet to one dominated by plug-in hybrid and electric passenger vehicles, and enable greater use of renewable energy technologies.

"Argonne has had some notable advanced battery technology development successes," said Argonne Director Eric Isaacs. "Our scientists have successfully developed 150 advanced battery technologies in the last decade. In more recent years, we've executed several licensing deals for a lithium-ion battery technology with General Motors, BASF, Envia, LG Chem and Toda America. We'll continue to develop and license more advanced battery technologies for transportation use, but our four decades of battery research experience has shown us that there is more that we can do, given the increasing demand for energy worldwide and concerns about energy's impact on the climate.
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