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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

C.A.T. concept imagines the water taxi of the future

July 6, 2011

The idea behind city aquatic transport (C.A.T) is to help aid urban city congestion. Waterways running through cities tend to pass by high demand public areas, with little infrastructure needed, the system fulfills its primary task. The system is very simple; the user can pre-book or directly order a craft online, or at a number of conveniently placed docks around the city, using their personnel account. Payment is flexible, with pay as you go and monthly payment options.

The craft is designed from the inside out with personnel mobility in mind, some public transport key words sieved out of the research phase of the design process were flexibility, freedom and fun. The craft holds four people in a diamond formation in 360-degree rotating seats. In the center of the arrangement is a pull out table, which can be used for a number of functions. Once on board, the user has the choice to manually or auto-drive the electric vehicle. Auto drive presents the user with a chance to utilize the travel time to socialize, work, eat, rest etc. Manual drive provides the user with a pleasurable driving experience. The craft has other onboard amenities such as Wi-Fi and power sockets.

The system brings a new dimension for waterway transport, as well as minimizing congestion it opens doors for tourism and extends business opportunities. More and more businesses are operating from home, the C.A.T, in one scenario, could be used for business meetings amongst colleagues at a fraction of the cost of renting an office or meeting space in the city, plus they have the added bonus over a private space with an ever changing beautiful view. Tourists could use it to view the city, without being restricted buy times, stops, congestion and crowded interiors that other services suffer from. The scenarios are limitless, from having lunch with your friends to using it to commute into work each day, it’s a completely flexible transport system.


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