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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Investment Could Boost a New Form of Wave Power

Technology Review
July 7, 2011

An unusual sea creature is emerging from Loch Ness in Scotland: a monster-sized floating doughnut.

Wave energy startup AWS Ocean Energy recently tested this novel wave power device on the surface of the famous lake. Now, thanks to a recent investment from Alstom, a large French power equipment manufacturer, a 60-meter-diameter version could soon produce megawatts of power as it bobs in the open ocean.

The device is divided into cells, each consisting of inflatable rubber diaphragm and a bidirectional air turbine. Each cell faces toward oncoming waves. The diaphragm of each cell contracts under pressure from passing waves, forcing air through the turbines to generate electricity. The air is then fed either into a central collection chamber, or into the diaphragm of another cell elsewhere on the ring. Each time air passes through a turbine, whether exiting or entering a cell, electricity is generated.

"There is an exchange of air between cells which are out-of-phase," says AWS chief executive Simon Grey. "This exchange is taking place via at least two turbines, exiting from one cell and entering another, and the ring main, at any given time."
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