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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Project looks to develop emission-free fuel-cell autos

The Engineer
July 6, 2011

ACAL Energy is partnering with Gordon Murray Design in a 12-month project to design a low-cost, durable fuel-cell vehicle.

The 12-month project is funded by the Technology Strategy Board under its Low Carbon Vehicle programme.

Led by Gordon Murray Design, the project will combine ACAL Energy’s Flowcath technology — which reduces the cost and improves the durability of a fuel-cell engine — with Gordon Murray Design’s iStream manufacturing concept, which allows for fast, low-cost production of lightweight vehicles.

According to a statement, these innovations could make carbon-emission-free fuel-cell autos affordable for buyers in developed and emerging markets.

Andrew Everett, head of transport at the Technology Strategy Board, said that the Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme aims to draw out innovative technologies being developed within the UK that have the potential to redefine the current automotive industry view.
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