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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

All things green and renewable

The Engineer
Oct 04, 2011

The 7th European Conference on Green Power Marketing 2011 takes place this week in Zurich, Switzerland.

The conference is designed to give market participants a forum for debating strategies towards expansion of renewable energy.

The organiser says that the supply and demand of green power is no longer simply down to consumer and supplier decisions, but are laid down at the political level.

The organiser adds that fundamental decisions are being made on restructuring the energy supply, heralding drastic changes in the political framework and areas such as the transport and distribution grids.

Another key factor driving the market are the cost reductions already achieved, with grid parity at end-consumer level already claimed to be in sight.

Discussions will query the policies and conditions that will shape the market and the development of renewable energy. Similarly, attendees will be able to discuss how energy prices will develop, and ask what grid parity and the market penetration of renewables means for the market. They will focus also on the barriers in terms of creating and delivering renewable energy products.
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