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Monday, 23 January 2012

Modified Toyota 2000GT Solar EV

Jan 23, 2012

Modified Toyota 2000GT Solar EV

Toyota have developed a solar EV based on the 2000GT, its classic limited production grand tourer.

"There is a solar panel on the hood and a translucent solar panel on the rear window. Solar panels still have low charging efficiency, so they need about two weeks to charge fully from zero. But we've been particular about utilizing solar panels, to power this car without using any electricity from thermal plants, or emitting any CO2."

This car was built by the Toyota Automobile Association, which includes dealers, parts suppliers, and engineers as well as Toyota itself. It incorporates both traditional Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

This car was converted by members of the Crazy Car Project, which includes engineers from car dealers, parts suppliers, and car makers. It incorporates both traditional Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

"We created the interior together with a company called Hayashi Telempu, which supplied parts for the original 2000GT. The idea was to revive the original features using today's technology. By using artificial leather instead of real leather, we've given the interior an even smoother finish. For the wooden finish on the instrument panel, rather than the original brown, we've used Japanese black lacquer, with gold and silver accents. This was commissioned from artisans in Kaga, to create a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Another highlight is the seven-dial meter, a characteristic feature of the original 2000GT. We've kept the original arrangement unchanged, but now it shows EV readings, like the motor rate, battery charge, and battery temperature."

This concept behind this vehicle is a solar car that can carry two people at a top speed of 200 km/h. It has a 35 kWh battery from Panasonic, and uses the motor and inverter from the Lexus LS Hybrid.

"The sound of a gasoline engine in a race is exciting, and with a quiet EV, you can add the kind of sound you like. By making the pitch and frequency vary linearly when the accelerator is pressed, we've created a sound that simulates a race car very well."

"Imagine a parking lot in summer. The parking lot here in midsummer is full of cars, and they're not doing anything useful, just getting hot in the sun. If all cars had solar panels like this, they'd make a great mega-solar plant. If that could be achieved, automobiles, which are said to be unfriendly to the environment, could become good for it. They'd be useful even when they were parked. We've built this car in the hope that, one day, the world will be like that."

Source: DigInfo TV

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