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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Continental Achieves Highly-Automated Driving Using Production-Ready Technologies

Volkswagen Press Release
June 21, 2011

Continental, the international automotive supplier, will today be presenting an Architecture Migration Demonstrator at the EU-sponsored HAVEit research project's final event; the demonstrator is equipped with production-ready technologies which allow highly-automated driving. Using a co-pilot system, the automated demonstrator can maintain a set speed or the distance from the vehicle in front and keep to its lane while, at the same time, using a camera to carefully monitor how attentive the driver is to the traffic situation. "The software developed as part of the HAVEit project could soon, i.e. within about five years, be developed into a production-ready, fully-integrated system covering the initial automated driving functions", said Holger Zeng, Continental's HAVEit project manager.


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