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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rail News " Singapore and Malaysia to Build Rapid Rail by 2018", "Construction Begins on Iran-Turkmenistan Railway" and "Alstom to Build High-Speed Railway in Iraq"

Rail Technology

Singapore and Malaysia to Build Rapid Rail by 2018June 29, 2011

Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to open a rapid transit rail service by 2018 to connect the city state with the southern Malaysian city of Johor Bahru.

Both agreed last year to develop the link, but hadn't set a timetable for its opening.

The electric rail will replace the current conventional railway line, which is being relocated to the northern part of Singapore from the central business district from next month, freeing the land for the project.

The rapid transit deal is part of a broader land swap beginning on 1 July that gives Singapore control of a railroad and stations owned by Malaysia; in return, Malaysia will receive six land parcels in Singapore. The two countries separated in 1965.

Construction Begins on Iran-Turkmenistan RailwayJune 29, 2011

Construction on the Iran-Turkmenistan railway project has started in the city of Ganbad Kavoos in northern Iran.

The 960km-long railroad, including 150km in Iran, will transport 3-5Mt of goods per year.

The railway project will aid tge transportation of goods throughout the region and also connect the central Asian countries to the Persian Gulf states.

An initial agreement on the Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway project was signed in 2008 and the final agreement was signed by three countries in June 2010.

Alstom to Build High-Speed Railway in IraqJune 29, 2011

Iraq has signed a preliminary deal with Alstom to construct a high-speed railway between Basra and Baghdad.

Alstom will now hold talks with Iraqi officials over the next twelve months to finalise the final agreement.

The project involves construction of a 650km rail network to allow trains to run at a speed of 250km/h through the cities of Karbala, Najaf, Moussayeb and Samawah, including trains and services.

Alstom signed another agreement in May to build a 25km elevated commuter train network in Baghdad.


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